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Buff Air Services is a business enterprise committed to providing safe and reliable air transport services for passengers, cargo as well as charters. It was established in the year 2015. We always strive to maintain a highly trained, motivated and dedicated workforce thus enhancing our internal capacity in various fields.
Our staff possess extensive industry experience. They are well informed and have access to databases containing valuable data about markets, process and technologies. These resources are being continuously developed to meet the dynamically changing needs of our clients.
Our endeavor is to extend the range and improve the quality of our products and services. We thereby develop innovative approaches towards improving our services and methods, especially in the organizational and technical aspects of the airline industry. We thus ensure that the client benefits from customized business solutions designed based on our global understanding of the industry.
We currently operate cargo, scheduled and Charter passenger flights in Kenya, East and Central Africa and the Middle East.
Dedication: We are committed to maintaining a well trained and motivated workforce ranging from experienced pilots to dynamic professionals in the various support fields including flight attendants, engineers and ground staff.

Competitiveness: We endevour to provide seamless and efficient service with minimal overhead expences

To create a profitable yet consistent, efficient and safe operation, where our guests love to fly and where our people love to work.
To provide globally competitive aviation services, while maintaining highest standards in flight safety, reliability and product quality.

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